where it all began

CommonWealth Coffee Co. started from a deep respect and love for coffee and all that it brings to not just our Community, but our World. Having just moved from a big thriving city in Western Canada, our realization that it wasn't really a big deal in our new city, London, Ontario, and we were determined to change that because it IS a big deal!  Canada is the home to some really outstanding and exceptional Specialty Coffee Roasters and unless you're in the Specialty Coffee industry, you might not really know.  We wanted to be a source for sharing this in our new City, and couldn't wait to align ourselves with the best Canadian Roasters and get started.  Maybe you never thought about it before, but prior to a bean being ground and put in the coffeemaker, it goes on a long journey and touches many people’s lives.  First, there are the landowners who provide the fertile ground for the beans to grow and tend the plants to maturity. This is done by the farmer.  Once the plants mature, workers pick the beans, which are then processed by another team and set out for drying.  Once they are dry, they are bagged and ready for shipping.  The  beans travel to distributors who deliver the final product by land, sea and air to the end user OR the roaster has direct relationships with the farmers and send the sacks of beans are shipped directly to the roasters facility.  Once at the Roastery, the beans are roasted to their very specific roast profiles by experts and then used in their cafes, sold to coffee shops like our, and of course sold directly to the coffee drinker.  You! 


Coffee is like an invitation to connect and when designing our space we choose an open, light, airy, shop that would make you feel the vibe of somewhere you always wanted to be.  Like a 3r home.  Because well, home and work take the 1st and 2nd spots.   

Dogs are not only welcome, but encouraged to join you on our cozy patio. We will provide water and plenty of belly rubs!

With love,

The CommonWealth Coffee Co. Team